For percussion ensemble (8 percussionists and piano)

Duration: 7′

Program Notes
I have always felt that the weather and climate can effect our emotions and make us relive past experiences and memories. The four seasons bring us a variety of moods and sentiments: Spring is full of new life, with blooming green in the trees and plants. Summer makes us recall memories of childhood outdoor activity and friendship. Autumn provides a sense of relaxation with its cool temperatures and vibrant color palette. Finally, winter settles the world into a period of rest and reflection before beginning the cycle all over again. Having lived in Michigan my entire life, I have been fortunate to experience all four distinct seasons.

Ecologists refer to the term prevernal to describe the period of late winter that transitions into early spring. This is the mood and atmosphere depicted in this piece. The piece is divided into two sections. The first section is winter, featuring “icy” orchestration through piano, vibraphone, and bowed crotales. This section begins very still, with only slight movement-such as the occasional falling snowflake or small animal. Motion increases and the parts gradually become more active before the climax of the winter season, which quickly subsides and leads into early spring. The listener can hear a world coming to life with plants growing, leaves budding, animals waking, and colors blossoming. Activity increases through several episodes, with prior material from the first section making appearances. The piece builds until spring is here in all its glory; all parts are at maximum motion and excitement. The piece concludes with a majestic flourish of runs, rolls, and arpeggios.

Prevernal is available to purchase at C. Alan Publications.