Dream Scenes

May 2nd, 2016

Solo Piano

When I was planning out this piece, I wanted to combine two separate musical ideas and experiment with their separate identities as well as create a fusion of their elements. The first idea in Dream Scenes is a Chopin-inspired plaintive waltz in D minor. This section avoids conclusion by avoiding authentic cadences, and the perpetual waltz figure in the left hand provides motion. After the waltz theme is stated twice, the second music idea is introduced – a calm ballade in 4/4 meter. The motion in this section in still provided by the left hand, but in an arpeggiated and occasionally syncopated motive. This section consists of a melodic idea that undergoes several harmonic changes and modulations. After this melodic idea calms down, a fantasy-cadenza interlude comprised of altered past motives is stated, and follows into a sudden waltz figure. The running eighth note passage is structured around the ballade melody. This passage builds up intensity until it erupts into a stormy, arpeggiated section. The next part is a comparatively calm restatement of the waltz melody, but borrowing the metric and movement from the ballade section. The section gradually winds down until the last four measures, which are the same as the first four measures but in a major, concluding harmony.

Dream Scenes PDF